Alexander Technique in Perth, Scotland

    "I recommend the Alexander Technique as an extremely sophisticated form of
    Professor N.Tinbergen
    Nobel Prize for Medicine

    The Alexander Technique helps you to release unnecessary tension in your body. Allowing you to feel energised and pain starts to disappear.

    The Technique teaches you how to lose pain and stiffness. It will be surprising when you find that you are needlessly causing your back or neck pain by your every day way of moving, ie sitting, standing, speaking, responding to stress, or the way you work - for example working at a computer terminal.

    The Technique is a form of body re-education and puts you in touch with how you habitually move and respond to stimuli, and gives conscious choices
    to change unwanted habit patterns that cause stress and pain.

    I first look at your lifestyle and assess whether you would benefit from the Alexander Technique. I work by gently using my hands to give a new body awareness and encourage better use - which will help not only back problems, but reflect improved co-ordination and re-align the body giving it a new appearance - younger confident posture.

    Sessions last for 45 minutes, are informative, have a calming effect and can give a heightened sense of self awareness.

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